Thursday, August 18, 2011

are u ready kids?!! AYE-AYE CAPTAIN !!!!

1st event..
1st year old bday chubby bay called Austin Goldwin wuisan..
because my friend is his aunty,my friend named catherine pranoto(cp) asked me for be the host (whattt??!!!)shocked ,hve told u before...

but after some considerations...i think its cute challenge for me...speak in front of bigger event...hihiiih
Austin's mom,which cp's sister,such a lovely mom n she mde me feel more confident....
finally the day....
and my heart was beating like want to explode...
it held on Fat Dragon rest in lunch time...
so i didnt hve to mke it longer
just brought 4 games,blow candles,sing "Happy bday" song and gve the goodies bag for every guest...
here are some snapshots..feel the pirates world!!
me with my friend,CP who asked me to be the host...thanks for insisted me !!
decoration stage,by my aunty

tag name..ohoy!!!

pirate costume 
Scarf as headband: mine
Black vest + white bow shirt : C'Yurika Gunawan
Brown leather belt :C'Melissa Wangsa
Blue sailor skirt : Alvina Miscel (pina)
Grey stocking + black bangle : mine
Leather brown boots : Deasy Palit
thx guys..!!!!

Hat + tag name for every guest!!

my lil aassistent front of welcome gate

goodie bag + our cupckes!!!
thanks,cc Tience (mom's austin..)

thanks God...thanks CP,dad & mom Austin which offered me a wonderful,unforgttble and also some nervous-est experience ever!!!!! hahahahhaa...thanks for all my friends who borrowed me their outfit so i can use it as my costume (i collected one by one!!!!)....
and also my asSIStent who accompanied me as a keyboard player....

Happy Bday for u,lil chubby blessed...


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