Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Giveaway #2 : The Dark Side of Beauty (Maybelline Fall 2012 Collection)

I'm joining a giveaway.. this is my second time joining a giveaway and made a blog post about it.
It's from Nancy , a beauty blogger from Davis,CA,United States. 
Yeah,as u can see just part of her which really love rock band and also a makeup lover..Her blog is really really awesome and it really shows us The Dark Side of Beauty !!!hahahaa..it contains a lot of beautiful tutorial makeup, a lot of her stylish outfits and another side of her dark side..
This giveaway opens internationally and I joined it in last minute !!!
I love the prizes so much,since I bcme one of Maybelline lover,a loyal customer...and the prices are so tempting and maybe some of them u can't find it in Indonesia.. I hope I can win this one...
And unfortunately, there only two seasons in Indonesia,it summer and rainy weather..so I really can't describe a fall and never feel the excitement of fall seasons.Only from storybook children, picture and photos which I saw from many sources..well,I hope one day,I can go to a country which has a fall season and feel the leaves fall above my heads..lalalallaa....amen...
Thanks,Nancy for let me joined yours..
God bless (^____^)v

For anyone who are interested to join her giveaway,just click a picture below or click this giveaway banner in my sidebar !!!

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