Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Giveaway#5: December(s) !!!!!

Desember selalu membawa cerita sendirinya dengan holiday stuffs, Christmas gift,party,family gathering, my birthday (uhuk..ehemm) dan persiapan menyambut new year..
Sedikit menambah cerita di bulan spesial ini, saya memutuskan untuk joined some wonderful Giveaway hosted by some gorgeous blogger.Buat yang mau ikutan juga,silakan klik linknya di bawah ya.
Okay,here they are :

1`.Christmas Giveaway from Muses Wonderland

end on 13 December 2012, 10 pm

2. Christmas Giveaway with ULINX from While You on Earth

end on 22 December 2012

3. First Giveaway from Rosdiana's Little World

end on 1 January 2013 (I guess so..)

4. My Lovely Sister 1.000.000 Pageview from My Lovely Sister

end on 16 December 2012

5. Makeupholic World International Giveaway from Makeupholic World

end on 31 December 2012

6. 2.500 International Giveaway from misskatv

end on 30 December (maybe ? hehehee..)

That's all..
I hope I can win one of them,both or some of them..
Wish me luck and for all of you who are interested to join their wonderful giveaway while trying your luck in this last month in 2012 ,go ahead!!!

Let's preparing ourselves to welcome a Christmas day and a big holiday new year !!
God bless you,...



ande~ said...

Aww thanks for the info XD

Sheila Sengkey said...

your welcome,Ande..ikutan yukkk....hehehhee ^^

zy said...

thanks for sharing sheila... ^^ check my blog.. I have some info of giveaway too :)