Monday, July 9, 2012

happy wedding my classmate

July 7,2012


me (yellow shirt and skirt-blue bracelet)
Nuny(bottom,black shirt ,short hair).
thats our friendship necklace
one of my classmate in Mulia Bhakti Junior high school is getting married..
whoaaaa...lil bit shocked but also very happy to hear it from her..
when i get invited via facebook,my memories about her just suddenly rolling in my head..

she's one of the most popular girl in our school..her personality just so unique and such my pleasure to have a friend like her.we used to know her as a 'tomboi' girl,short hair,brave,loves green so much( especially Marvin marvel,green creature cartoon from Looney tunes which using a barbarian soldier costume) loves playing basketball and football with many guys,humble and easygoing.she has a lot of friends..
but ,who knows now she's the first one our classmate who getting mrried...
so before her wedding day..

We met about 3 weeks before her wedding day at Trans Mall makassar...
Suddenly we met..she with her family,so do I...
she alwys looks unique,just like the last time I met her..idk,about 7 years ago..
at our graduation night in junior high school...
and she invited me to her wedding n asked if i can ask all of our classmates..
So i went home and tell all of my classmates in my bbm contacts..

The wedding day..
I decided to go with my classmates.but she said that she will b late ..bcause she's still pampering,doing her hair in salon and make up...
welcome gate
so I decided to go with my friends who are Nuny's (btw,Nuny is her name) friend from her university...

Clarion Hotel
Phinisi Ballroom,2nd floor....

So crowded....from the front gate of hotel,u can see many big board of congratulations flower
(idk the name,sorry..hihhiii) from many politican,government,companies,her dad's friend ,relations,friends and family..
its also because her dad is also one of the politician and a successful businessman in our city,Makassar..
we spent almost 30 minutes to looking for a place to park our car.
when u enter the entry gate of the venue,u will welcomed by their(Nuny & Bara) pre-wedding photos..
and 2 after u fill the guest book,ull get a coupon to tke a photo in the photobooths.
.u can see many white flowers,white tent,twnkle snows and sparkles decorations in the venue....
ok..its Winter Wedding Wonderland!!!..very beautiful...

tken from bb cmera, The stage

newly wed couple
The party was awesome,a lots of food (the ice cream is from Baskin Robbin and i ate 3 cups!!..huahahaha),,friends,.
I met my junior high schools from another city and countries..and we took some fun pictures...
I found myself a lil bit crying when I see her in that big stage and just wondering is that the same woman I know?wow...the time is running so fast,,,she was looking very elegant with a simple white wedding gown,her bouquet flower so beautiful,her makeup-hairdo are perfect..and everything has changed becme such a wonderful memories and  lovely friendship...

I cant b happier when I see her smile and knw that we're here prying for her marriage and her future...
Once again,Happy wedding Nuny and Bara.....
(Hope I can meet my prince soon too..hahahaa...lols).

May the good luck and understanding be always with both of you. Let all your dreams come true. Have a happy life my friend.
Bride groom
God Bless You...

yeay.dio,austrin,sheila (classmates Mulia Bhakti junior high school)we're not young anymore!!hahahaa


happy wed nuny

post about my hairdo and makeup ar coming soon ....see you soon,fellows !!! 

Marriage, n:  The state or condition of a community consisting of a master, a mistress, and two slaves, making in all, two.  ~Ambrose Bierce

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