Friday, July 27, 2012


Good afternoon people..

Can't wait for next week...
when my sister is going back home after a month trained on catholic community(KTM)  at Jakarta 
when she bring me our camera and some oleh-oleh.we called it in Bahasa Indonesia, like souvenir or traditional food from there..
can't wait for next month..
which we,all our family is going to flight to our homewtown actually..Manado,North Sulawesi....
Last time I visited and stayed there was about 1995,so its such a long time ago...

My post today just a random thing..
for a girl like me..
Its about small and simple things which has a big influence for your face..
and had a big difference in your face too,,if u cant manage it well..hahahahaa..
well,ya,...its about eyebrow...
plucking and plucking and plucking to get a better shape for your face,but just becareful...
Its not easy and it hurts !!!
I did this activities about once a month or..for 2 weeks..or when i think its going wild!!!
My skin-eyebone under eyebrow sometimes get iritated...until I tried to use an ice cube to numb the pain and make my skin feel cooler...and it works!!
So until now,before i pluck my eyebrow..
dont forget to prepare :
  1. some ice cubes in a bowl.put it in eyebrow and skin around the eyebrow before plucking time
  2. some tissues,to clean ur face from water (remain of ice cube which melt after seconds)
  3. tweezer (the clean one,people use alchol to clean it first)
  4. and mirror

there are so many tutorials in youtube about "how to shape ur eyebrow,pluck,etc" but this two videos are my favourite... the video below is from Jen-Frmheadtotoe who also have same problem with me. Our eyebrows have two directions,its going toward up first then going down. Most of Asians have this type of eyebrows..

Well,they did it like its so easy and no pain at all

and that tutorial shows above show how ur eyebrows hace a big influence to ur makeup set look

And here are mine..hahaha..well..Hopefully its not look so creeepy,guys..hhohohohoi...

right eye
 You're guys can see how thick my eyebrows and its lil bit different between right and left eye. You dont hve to make them really look alike. Just follow the real shape and see how beautiful ours!

but overall,all kind of shape of ur eyebrow..its a gift from God..
what we have to do is thank and take care of it...

see ya people...
God Bless You

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