Monday, July 23, 2012

Purple,"I Do"

a random post after doing my last project at my univ...

Dear all readers..
Fasten your seatbelt...
Hold your breath..

I admire purple since I was in junior high school...
For me,purple is an elegant colour....sophisticated yet magic...
and for me purple is a love and love is purple.....
This post I dedicated for everyone who fall jn love like I do..
and let my "touch" and dream are combining as a post today just for u........

Welcome to my dream-meant-to-be Purple Wedding....

my favourite for holy mass matrimony dress

dress wedding holy mass matrimony

bridemaids dresses
purple and green floral bouquets, purple hydrangeas, silver shoes, purple shoes, Christi Falls Photography
wedding bouquet + our shoes

A great purple passion bridal bouquet can be made from lovely wisteria, lilac, lavender double tulips, bluebird roses, pink godetia, and lavender dendrobium orchids. These are arranged with a touch of greenery, such as catmint or varieties of oregano.  It is whimsical and elegant.

His stuffs
His own 
wedding rings
walk down the aisle

purple wedding decorations reception
lunch time
I prefer for the simple but with the big and tall size

Wedding Car Decorations And Accessories

second dress for party-ing

short vintage wedding dresses 2011 Short Vintage Wedding Dresses 2012: New Version of Vintage Wedding Dress

as a souvenir , I prefer something that unisex and memorable

Purple Beautiful Purple Decoration Ideas Pictures for Wedding
table set


but the most important of all is the Love...
let the love from God upon us and guide us to the truly and beloved friends cme gathered together as their prayer for the wedding holy mass matrimony and reception...
no mattter what happen....this truly love would not sperate..and live around

Hope you're guys are inspired !!

If Purple Could Heal You

If Purple Could Heal You
By Tameka Callaway
One day, you told me that Purple is your favorite color.
I wish that purple can heal you

If purple could heal you, I would give purple flowers everyday
in a purple vase that will make your day
I would wear purple lip stick so I come leave kisses on you face
Wish there was purple days and purple nights

If only purple could heal you, I will give a purple glass of purple kool aid with purple ice so you would have a purple tong
I would go to the end of the world to find you the perfect purple yarn so I could make you a purple body suit from head to toe

Oh how I would give you a purple world
But for now, I just give you a purple poem 

I love you 
NB : all the photos were taken from Google..thanks for reading people...

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