Monday, September 24, 2012

Bestfriend of Mr.Orange

How's your weekend,fellows?
My weekend was very tiring yet excited. I had to perform with my dancerteam on Saturday and family time on Sunday. Oh ya, I have a new bestfriend, I called him Mr.Orange (wah,bapak2 nih yee)...hhohohoo..
I met him last month at a clothing store named Gaudi,love at the 1st sight..winkwink..
He's so tempting...hahahhaa..yah,its my new favourite pants.It's orange,really fit me,boost my look and the colour really lovely..

This weekend,I decided to spent it with him (again!!).hahahaa..
I let him met some friends such as
some of my bracelets and gold necklace
maybe his longfriend (black knitted black blouse from Gaudi too) 
and a pair of soft grey semi clogs shoes....and all of them look chic enough together..
I love to stack some baracelets and arm candy bracelets

new bestfriend of Mr.Orange

Goldy necklce

orange pearly eyeshadow from VOV 

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I like wearing heels (dilema badan mungil.hihihi) shoes,but I prefer this kind of heels,like wedge or this shape kind of heels.. selain sy tdk jago pakai  heels yg model heelsnya kayak jarum bgtu...model seperti ini bikin lebih comfortable kalau mau pakai buat window shopping or my family time.. comfortable yet stylish yeay!...

His new bestfriend : Marie Claire soft grey semi clogs-wedge shoes

when Mr,Orange pose with his new bestfriend

ready to go..
Yay...I will let my Mr.Orange meet new friends next time...
and I believe if Mr.Orange is an easygoing outfit (loh..hahaha) suits with anything..formal or just some daily you,my Mr.Orange....hahahhaa...

“Orange is the happiest color.”

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