Thursday, September 20, 2012

FOTD + simple tricks for my asymmetry eyes

Special need for my special asymmetry eyes
Simple post about some tricks to make my left eye as bigger as my right one…
Behind this post,what I want to share is I was born with asymmetry eyes,both of my eyes aren’t in the same size and have different growth between right and left. Yeah,sebuah kekurangan yg sempat membuat minder,but finally I found myself were standing at the point which I really thankful for everything and didn’t care about some opinion from people around me..
That’s also why I really excited to learn more about makeup can enhance your beautyfrom your face by doing some corrections in your bad areas and also can do some magics to make my eyes look identical.
Well,simple quick post and next time I will talk about it more ya….hehehehee..
I attended a wedding party last week with my smother and I wore my red bodycon dress(lupa foto headtotoe).
Jadi.sudah berpikir bakal pakai eyeshadow warna ini-ini dan ini..pas eksekusinya,mendadak ganti warna plus lebih tergoda dengan Gold pearly eyeshdow from my PAC palette.
Foto-fotonya diambil after party,jadi sudah lumayan kurang fresh dan dark circlesnya juga sdh keliatan...hehehehe.

  • Olive oil Mustika Ratu (andalan for my very dry skin pokoknya..!)
  • Vit E-SPF 15+ The Body Shop (ini my skin's second besftfriend)
  • Etude Precious Mineral Bright Fit SPF 30+ #Light Beige
  • Kryolan Dual Finish Two-Way Concept Foundation
  • VOCE pearl shadow #11 as blush on
  • Tea tree oil concelear The Body shop,as coverage for some red pimples
  • PAC Martha Tilaar Perfect Finish Pearly eyeshadow #P06-Gold
  • PAC Martha Tilaar Perfect Finish Pearly eyeshadow #P08-Brown
  • Tony Moly Eyeliner Gel#deep black
  • The Face Shop Styling Eyeliner# 02 White--waterline
  • NYX Eye/eyebrow pencil #934 Crystal Glitter--inner;under corner
  • Maybelline Volum Express The Hyper curl mascara--use it before stick eyelashes
  • Jolly false eyelashes
  • Viva eyebrow #Brown-black (I mix this two for my natural colour..hohoho)
  • Maybelline Baby Lips #Anti Oxidant Berry
  • Oriflame Power Shine Lipstick # Pink Punch

different blend-type & way of shadow for different size eyes


First . I put more brown,made it higher and closer to the bone above eyelid for my left eye.

and also as a shadow and make your eye look bigger

pay attention more to your false eyelashes .second. I cut my false eyelashes based on my real eyesize so it really fit in and wouldnt feel itchy

Tada..yah.mungkin belum benar2 in the similar size yah, I avoid use scotch/tape for  my eyelid,selain buat matanya jadi berat,sebanarnya juga karena belum benar-benar ngerti cara membentuk size yang benar,jadinya tidak natural.hehehe..but you can try it as alternative way to make your eyes look bigger and make it similar one another. third

After that,simple things yang mungkin bisa membantu...
Ini benar-benar tips dari my experience..
Your hairstyle can really give effect for your face
Pick the best's the trick.fourth.dont cut your bang,biarkan saja poninya jadi panjang dan pilihlah model rambut dengan belahan ke samping,side part ya berarti namanya?hahahaa.
Tapii..belahan rambutnya berdasarkan 'which one of your eye is smaller'part..(if your left eye is smaller than your right one,maka belahan rambutnya sebelah pinggir,bang or poninya bakal mengarah turun ke sebelah I did) its really a tricky way,kadang kita kurang notice saja.yah,kalau punya poni rata ala Dora the explorer begitu,asymmetry eyesnya lebih keliatan karena bisa dicompare antara kanan dan mata kirinya dengan sangat jelas.Kurang lebih begitu tricky waynya..hahahaa

aduh,maaf tas kopernya di belakang lemari ikut masuk foto juga.hiaaahahahaa

And finally fifth. The last and trik andalannya..Saat berfoto,pastikan dahinya tersembunyi,jenongnya tidak keliatan dengan position meghadap camera dengan cenderung berlawanan dengan belahan rambut. Jadi saat anda difoto,belahan rambut + dahi or jenongnya tidak jelas terlihat dan lagi your eyes (which is the smaller one) look bigger !!
(oops..eyeshdownya udah rercoret dan jadi bayangan lagi di bawah mata
karena kena tangan yang sibuk ngatur rambutnya)
That's all my tips and tricknya.
Okay..di sini bukan mau bragging or anything,this post I dedicated for everyone who has asymmetry eyes like mine..simple things ini yang bisa saya share for you,wonderful readers

Now,it's time for me untuk little bit pamer hasil rambut yang udah berhasil dicurly.
berhubung rambutnya baru berhasil dipanjangin sekarang,demi kepentingan feminisme dari dalam diri..ouch..jyahahaa...

simple curly

Done yeay..
Thank you for reading my post,fellows..(segera tidur dan bersiap besok attending my 1st beauty event which is Hada Labo Launching Product at Makassar,super excited) 
For now,saya juga masih terus belajar how to do some magics to make both of my eyes look identical..
tidak bakal mirip benar sizenya sih,but with some special tricks and special treatment we can cheat people yeah?..hehehehe
and the last one, may this imperfection not bring us down, instead tell us how unique we are as God's creation..keep smile from your heart and have wondeful day !!
Please leave your comment yeayy !!

 Look into my eyes and hear what I'm not saying, 
for my eyes speak louder than my voice ever will....Unknown.

God bless you 


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